5 dream Destinations That are on Our travel Bucketlist

With it being winter time in many parts of the world, as well as with holidays just around the corner, we believed we’d share this article to warm you up!

We’ve talked about our epic adventures that are on our travel container list, however even though we like intrepid trips, we likewise like relaxing on pristine beaches!

Our favourite stretches of sand so far have been in Mozambique, Cambodia, Grenada, as well as the Grenadines, however there are many more that we still have our eyes on. There’s just something wonderful about being in the tropics.

Although this listing of beach destinations may not be the most budget-friendly locations to visit, we can dream, right?

بورا بورا

This island is found in French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. When we believe of Bora Bora, visions of bungalows set on stilts over a glass-calm lagoon come to mind.

I doubt that we’d do much more than relax as well as enjoy the views of the crystal remove waters from our bit hut…but isn’t that the point?

Nick would most likely head out on a couple of diving dives as well as I may do some snorkelling. This atoll is surrounded by a barrier reef, with sharks as well as manta rays frequenting the waters. In all of his years of diving, Nick has never seen a Manta Ray! It would be fantastic if he might see one here.

Photo By: By Daria Svistunova via WikiCommons

Hawaii is found smack dab in the middle of the North Pacific ocean as well as has long been on our listing of locations to see in the world.

I believe the reason we haven’t been there yet is largely because of the expense – it’s not precisely budget-friendly. However, all money aside, it’s somewhere we’d like to visit.

The topography comprising this string of 8 islands is incredible as well as there is an endless listing of things to do. Surfing, diving diving, snorkelling, hiking, swimming as well as visiting waterfalls & volcanoes are just a few of the many things we’d like to do there! On top of the activities as well as lovely landscapes, we’d like to experience a traditional Luau as well as sample the authentic food.

Photo By: Christopher Michel via WikiCommons


Ever since a good friend of mine won a free trip to Fiji from a grocery store in Calgary, Canada (I know, can you imagine?), I’ve been dying to go to this tropical island in the South Pacific.

More recently, we’ve been complying with Ryan from blogging From Paradise, who was living in Fiji, house-sitting with his girlfriend. From reading his articles as well as hearing him talk about his enthusiasm for that bit country, we ended up being hooked.

There are over 333 islands to select from, however we’ve heard that the city of Savusavu on the island of Vanua Levu as well as Mamanuca as well as Yasawa Islands are must-sees.

Photo By: Simon_sees via WikiCommons

This little nation is composed of 26 islands as well as it has been on our listing for rather some time. When we were in India as well as Sri Lanka in 2009, we thought about taking the quick flight over to the Maldives, however didn’t for some reason as well as now are regretting it!

With a ground elevation of only 1.5 meters, this is the lowest country on the planet, as well as the smallest nation in Asia. regardless of its size, it’s lovely as well as has a great deal to offer the vacationer. We’d like to see the Islamic sites, Nick would like to diving dive there as well as I’d like to go snorkelling…as well as just lounge in my hammock sipping on cocktails.

Andaman Islands

Located in the Bay of Bengal between India as well as Myanmar, this is one more idyllic string of islands. Actually, there are over 500 of them! when occupied by the British during colonial times as well as by the Japanese during WWII, this is an island nation that is not only beautiful, however full of history as well as sites.

We’d plan to see the Victorian English ruins, the Indian navy museum as well as the former British prison. Of course, we’d likewise want to hike to waterfalls, walk with the jungle, laze on beaches as well as enjoy the wildlife.

Photo By: Shimjithsr via WikiCommons

We’re not sure exactly how or when we’ll get to these ultimate vacation destinations, however we’re hoping it’s someday soon. perhaps we’ll be offered a home sitting job, or will be invited out by the tourism board to promote their countries?

Who knows…we’re available to anything as well as everything, these are the extravagant destinations we’ve always checked out about in magazines, as well as we’re definitely thinking about going!

وماذا عنك؟ have you been to any type of of these incredible countries?

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