6 prominent restaurants in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Note: This is an old post. Last updated in 2013.

Dining is a huge part of travel. Food is an important part of any type of destination. The exact same holds true for El Nido.

Although this humble town tucked in the northern tip of Palawan does not have a distinct, world-famous cuisine, a trip right here is not total without trying its many restaurants — something I failed to do during my very first visit. My similarly wanting wallet at the time might only spew sufficient money for bread for breakfast as well as street barbeque for dinner. Not complaining, however still.

Some random tourists having dinner in El Nido
This time around, back with a vengeance as well as a bit bit more cash, I was more positive to sample what a few of the most frequented restaurants right here had to offer other than San Miguel Beer. just like many other beach destinations, seafood is the town specialty. as well as although at one point I felt like I was starting to grow scales as well as fins, I never felt awfully fed up with the ocean bounty. (After all, I had when dreamed of ending up being a mermaid merman up until Ursula as well as Jaws crushed that dream.) The wide range of dishes that each establishment served made sure I would never reach the seafood quota I am enabled for this أوقات الحياة.

Here are six of the most prominent restaurants in town that I was able to try. (Sorry for the horrible photos.)

ما هو مغطى في هذا الدليل؟

1. Squidos
2. The alternate (Closed)
3. El Nido Corner
4. Bacuit Grill Bar as well as Restaurant
5. Habibi restaurant as well as Shisha Cafe
6. Kape Pukka

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1. Squidos

Even without prior knowledge, this restaurant is not simple to ignore. The queue snaking in front of it at meal time even during off-season will tell you something’s up. What’s up is this: fresh seafood goodness in humongous serving. Their most sought-after dishes? Stuffed squid (duh?) as well as the mixed seafood platter. Food takes a while to be prepared however it was worth all the wait.

Fruits de Mer Curry aka Mixed seafood Curry (P350). It doesn’t look appetizing in this photo, however it was truly tasty. Big, huge serving, too.
Stuffed squid (170). quite regular if you ask me.

2. The alternate (Closed)

Another not-to-be-missed dining experience in El Nido occurs at the Alternative. The innovative presentation of Filipino combination as well as pan-Asian foods coupled with the breathtaking view of Bacuit Bay makes mealtime right here something to look ahead to. Ask to be assigned at their so-called “nests,” rounded dining areas that are perched just above the beach! Do try their Banana Heart Curry as well as Chef’s Special.

Banana Heart Curry. Shredded banana heart blossoms with bell pepper, tomato as well as onion, simmered in spicy coconut cream with curry (P189)
Spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce as well as ham (P189)
Spicy Potato Salad simmered in coconut milk (P219)

3. El Nido Corner

The food is good, however most people flock at this restaurant for the view. found at the eastern end of the town proper’s beachfront, El Nido corner offers a fantastic view of close-by Cadlao Island as well as its peak, the tallest mountain in El Nido. want the freshest? request the catch of the Day! one more must try is the Fish in butter as well as herbs, a simple meal that won me over completely. We didn’t understand what type of fish it was however we didn’t care since it just tasted so good. The meat was soft as well as each bite was flavorful. In  minutes, the fish was gone.

Service is excellent; thanks to its always smiling staff.

Fish with butter as well as herbs
Butter Garlic Shrimps. So fresh as well as flavorful!

4. Bacuit Grill Bar as well as Restaurant

Situated just next to El Nido Corner, Bacuit Grill Bar as well as restaurant is an open-air dining location perfect for those who desire to see the sunset at the bay. Its wooden columns as well as chairs, bamboo ceiling, as well as nipa walls as well as roofs provide that tropical beach ambiance. The noise of the waves rolling made our stay right here more relaxing. as well as the food we tried was great! We had a whole crab in wonderful as well as sour sauce as well as it was extremely satisfying.

Crab in wonderful as well as Sour Sauce (P190)

5. Habibi restaurant as well as Shisha Cafe

We came to Habibi not for the food however for the flavored shisha. however the banana pancake was likewise something that we did not regret ordering. as well as the chocolate pancake too. It’s a huge plateful so be nice as well as share. That was the only food we tried because, again, we were there for the shisha.

Isa as well as Josiah sharing a conversation over alcohol
Banana Pancake

6. Kape Pukka

Scouting for a great location to have breakfast at, we spotted the curious-looking Kape Pukka along Hama Street. We had a plate of continental breakfast, typical.لا يوجد شيء يمكن قوله، ليكون صادقا، إلا أنه استغرق الأمر من بعض الوقت لإعداد وجباتنا. وكذلك، كما أوه، فإنها تخدم المكسيكي Fajitas وكذلك الأغطية المكسيكية ل P80-P100.

وجبة إفطار كونتيننتال
كاب بوكا الواجهة
بشكل عام، تشير المطاعم في الفوز المشاعر الفريدة في الندم. سواء كان ذلك الترتيب الفريد، أو عرض مذهل، أو الداخلية المملوءة بالشخصية، فإن أفضل مواقع لتناول الطعام في El Nido هي تلك التي تتجاوز طعام رائع بالإضافة إلى شيء يضيف شيئا إلى التجربة.

لم أحاول بعد أن أحاول Art Cafe، Sea Slugs، Balay Tubay، بالإضافة إلى أزول الأزرق. ربما في رحلتي القادمة!

سأنتج قائمة منفصلة بالمطاعم بأسعار معقولة في النيدو أيضا!

كيفية الوصول إلى El Nido: من مطار بويرتو برنسيسا، خذ ترايك إلى محطة سان خوسيه وكذلك نقل حافلة أو فان إلى الندم. وقت السفر خمس إلى ست ساعات. عرض المزيد من المعلومات هنا -> بالضبط كيفية الوصول إلى El Nido من بويرتو برنسيسا.

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