Isla Holbox: finding The Laid Back vibe Of Mexico

When our ferry docked on the low-key, laid back island of Holbox, it was practically like we were greeted with a tranquilizer gun. We felt the unwinded vibe laundry over us as well as the entire speed of our travels sluggish as we lazily sauntered off of the 100 seater boat. We soon realized why this is one of the very best locations to go to in Mexico. 

There are no roads here, just dirt tracks which link the seemingly unlimited number of beaches as well as restaurants that pepper the island’s coastline. There are no supermarkets, no Wal-Marts, no McDonald’s. just a healthy dose of authentic Mexican restaurants, fruit stands as well as mini-marts.

This is the unwinding vibe that the Caribbean is understood for as well as before we even reached our hostel, we might feel the contagious calm soak into our pale, sun-shy skin.

After 5 months of travelling in central Asia, with visa worries, border manage as well as invitation letters, this is the type of relaxation we had been looking for. We didn’t even have to walk 10 steps to recognize that we were going to want to stay right here for a while. The sun peered with the towering coco-palms above us, as we complied with the sandy paths to our hostel.

We inspected in to the cool as well as friendly Ida y Vuelta Hostel as well as instantly headed for the beach. guide books compare the waters right here to those of Cancun, specifying that the beaches along the Mayan Riviera are much more beautiful. during our stay here, the crystal remove waters as well as powdery white sand looked just as beautiful as those in Cancun. in some cases in the evenings when the Gulf Sea floods in as well as mixes with the Caribbean waters, the clearness suffers only slightly, however provides a new shade to the translucent azure beauty. Floating in the amazing water is certainly one of the top things to perform in Mexico. 

The beaches right here are absolutely spectacular as well as we’ve delighted in lazing in the sun as well as viewing the days go by. We’ve feasted on a blend of home-cooked Mexican food as well as Yucatan style seafood. The hot spices right here are so mouth-watering that a burnt tongue is worth the added flavour.

People on Holbox get around by golf cart, that’s right, there are no cars. We thought about renting a golf cart for the day however chose against it since A: we want the exercise as well as B: they’re a bit overpriced at 100 pesos ($8) / hr.

The crowd on the island is mixed. There are a great deal of uber-budget, hippy type travellers in cool clothes as well as dread-locks, brushing shoulders with resort goers, laid back locals as well as sun-drunk expats. One thing is for sure though, everybody is right here to unwind as well as have a great time.

Local youngsters are always playing around on the sandy paths as well as there are sufficient palm trees to shade the full interior of the island. Soaring above is a broad range of exotic birds. close to the shore, huge pelicans patrol the shallow waters searching for fish. From June to September, huge Whale Sharks congregate just off shore in numbers unheard of elsewhere.

There are practically as well numerous choices for food as well as accommodation, from shoestring to chic, you can discover everything right here on Holbox. however even though costly resorts line the coast, there isn’t a resort feel to the place. even the fanciest hotels on the sand are developed with mainly turf thatched roofs as well as bamboo gazebos so the beaches keep a natural feel. as well as although many beachside bars as well as restaurants are out of a backpacker’s budget, there are a few that offer fantastic value for money.

We’ve spent only a few nights right here so far, however we can already tell that we’ll want to prolong our visit. We’ve satisfied some travellers who had organized to find for a week, as well as just chose to online here. Holbox is one of those places. If there ever was an island that encompassed the tranquil laid-back nature which is synonymous with the Caribbean, Isla Holbox is that place. We’ll be composing much more about this cool island, however those articles will have to wait since it’s time for one more margarita!

Stay tuned for much more about this amazing island.

We all like a location with a fantastic vibe. have you every been somewhere that you didn’t want to leave? show us below.

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