POTATO corner DELIVERY: exactly how to buy Cook-at-Home Packs

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When it pertains to french fries, Potato corner has undeniably ended up being famous with the years. who might withstand those strips of flavored fries, right?

Need a Potato corner fix? You can lastly have them in the comfort of your own home! Potato corner is now using Cook-at-Home kits! Share them with the rest of your household or take in it whenever you want.

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Cook-At-Home Kit
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How to cook Potato corner Fries
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Cook-At-Home Kit

So, what are the products included in the set as well as exactly how much is it? The set is offered for P699.

Kit Inclusions

One Bag of Fries (2.5kg)

One pack of Flavoring (220g)

Available Flavors



الكريمة الحامضة

Chili BBQ

Other product Bundles

Aside from the shoestring fries, Potato corner is likewise using other product bundles. inspect the database as well as click the sheet identified “NEW PRODUCTS” to see the area where these new product bundles are available. You will likewise discover the get in touch with numbers for putting your buy as well as delivery. Note: restricted stocks only. Each product bundle includes one pack of flavoring (220g).

Mini triangle Hash brown (1 kilogram): P450

Waffle Fries (2 kilograms): P699

Tater Tots (2 kilograms): P699

Loopys (2.2 kilograms): P799

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Check the nearest Potato corner branch to your place in this database: POTATO corner listing OF open BRANCHES!

From the database, you can inspect the area protection for delivery, the operating days as well as hours of each branch, the get in touch with numbers, as well as the availability of products/flavors.

When you lastly determined the branch nearest you, text your buy to the number assigned to that branch. The buy details need to include your order, your name, your get in touch with number, as well as your shipment address.

The store will send you a confirmation text.

Arrange the mode of repayment as well as the shipment details with the branch. note that the client will carry the shipment charge.

Upon shipment of the order, inspect the high quality as well as the authenticity. be careful of copycats as well as fake products. Potato corner supplied pictures of authentic packaging in the database.

How to cook Potato corner Fries

تسخين الزيت. finest if you utilize a deep pan for frying as suggested by Potato Corner.

Make sure the fries are golden as well as crispy before taking out of the pan.

Sprinkle the flavoring.

Shake as well as mix well.

Enjoy your flavored fries! delighted eating!

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