Rhythms Of The night – An evening of Magic Under The stars

Over the past couple of years, we’ve ended up being extremely thinking about seeing cultural shows, musical performances as well as theatrical dance. Whenever we’re travelling, we now look for the regional enjoyment in each country we visit.

Friends as well as household had told us about the prominent event, Rhythms Of The Night, which is one of the most prominent things to perform in Puerto Vallarta. They explained the show as a tiny cirque de soleil with extraordinary music, theatre, dance as well as food. We looked into it as well as made a decision it was something we absolutely wished to see, as well as reserved three seats for us as well as Nick’s mommy to celebrate Nick’s 30th Birthday!

This wonderful show is set at the personal Las Caletas Cove. Although we normally like smaller tours, because of the a lot more intimate, regional feel, we were delighted to support this show as well as the fantastic group of people included in the performance.

Getting prepared to take off!
A boat bring about 100 people took off from the marina in Nuevo Vallarta, which was rather far from where we were staying in the Old town in Puerto Vallarta. We were greeted by a humorous team of 6 young men, all excited to please the crowd. drinks were served, info was provided over the microphone as well as we were off.

Getting prepared to set off to the secluded bay
As we crossed the Bay of Bandaras, the sky began to morph from blue to pink to orange, before lastly spectacular us with a brilliant shade of red! We’ve seen some extraordinary sunsets to date, however this climbed to the top of our listing of favourites.

If you can believe it, this picture isn’t altered!
After about an hour on the ocean, we were nearing our destination. It was dark by this point as well as from a distance all we might see were torches burning in the night as well as the radiant of the ocean floor. An eerie kind of music played as we disembarked the boat as well as made our method across the dock.

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The whole event went like clockwork with the assist of the fantastic personnel running the show. We were all seated in an outside auditorium surrounded by towering palm trees as well as twinkling stars in the dark sky above. even though there were a few hundred people enjoying the performance, the seats were all staggered completely as well as the actors moved around the set to provide everybody a great view.

Music playing as we went into the amphitheater
There were many acts depicting different stories of the ancient Hispanic civilization as well as Mexican folklore. Live music was played the entire show, which added to the authenticity of the performance. We enjoyed in awe as the dancers leaped, cringed as the contortionists bent their bodies in methods we might never even imagine, as well as were mesmerized by the glow of the fire-twirling.

The skill of this group of people was amazing! The dancing, singing, acrobatics as well as acting was all superior as well as after about an hour, the lights came back on as well as we were all prepared for some food.

ياله من برنامج!
A massive, all-you-can-eat buffet greeted us as well as we ate method a lot more than we must have. The choices for food were excellent – fresh fish, steak, chicken, salads, breads as well as desserts were on offer. Again, every detail of the excursion was taken care of as well as nobody had to wait a lot more than 10 minutes to eat. found ideal on the water’s edge, with sand squishing between our toes, the setting for the meal was superb. The tiki torches as well as different online Mexican music added to the atmosphere of the meal.

We ate method as well much as well as drank tons of red wine! considering that it was Nick’s birthday, one of the stewards even arranged for a piece of cake with “Happy Birthday” written on it, total with singing. It was the best end to a best evening…

Happy birthday Nick!

But, the night wasn’t over yet.

We made our method back to the boat to return us to the pier, which was again, an hour away. To keep everybody entertained as well as awake, the team were playing music, dancing as well as performing for us! Where they discovered the energy at 11:00 في الليل كان وراءنا. بينما جلسنا على كراسينا ، ممتلئة بشكل مفرط وكذلك متعب للغاية ، كان بقية القارب يحب العرض الذي قدمه أعضاء فريق الخبراء.

منذ اللحظة التي انطلقنا فيها إلى اللحظة التي عدنا إليها ، اعتنى الفريق بنا ، وكذلك أبقىنا مهتمين ونشوة – وهو أمر قد يكون من الصعب تحقيقه.

مع ابتسامة على وجوهنا بالإضافة إلى بطونه الكاملة للغاية ، فإن عيد ميلاد نيك الثلاثين يتعلق بنتهي – على الرغم من أننا سنقوم ببعض الاحتفال بالكثير طوال الأسبوع! ترقبوا ذلك.

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أعضاء الفريق المهنيين وكذلك اليقظة

رحلة قارب ممتازة إلى Cove – أفضل وقت لرؤية غروب الشمس على الماء

كل شيء يركض بسلاسة

كان لدى البوفيه الكثير من خيارات الطعام وكذلك كان لذيذًا

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إعداد جميل للعرض وكذلك لتناول العشاء

أداء ممتاز

قيمة ممتازة مقابل المال


ليس قدرا كبيرا من الطعام المكسيكي في البوفيه!

كان كل فعل قام أعضاء الفريق الذين قاموا به في رحلة القوارب إلى حد كبير من Cove رائعًا ، باستثناء انتحال شخصية عشوائي AC/DC! على الرغم من أن الحشد أحب ذلك ، فقد أردنا الكثير من الموسيقى المكسيكية وكذلك الرقص.

لقد أحببنا الأداء لدرجة أننا شعرنا أنه ربما كان أطول!

هل تحب رؤية العروض أو العروض أثناء السفر؟ هل هذا الضجيج مثل شيء تريد رؤيته؟ أظهر لنا أدناه في التعليقات!

إخلاء المسئولية: الماعز على الطريق هو شريك أمازون وكذلك شركة تابعة لبعض تجار التجزئة الآخرين. يشير هذا إلى أننا نقوم بإنشاء عمولات إذا قمت بالنقر فوق روابط على مدونتنا وكذلك الشراء من تجار التجزئة هؤلاء.